Customizable Colors and Fonts

Customizable colors

Bild provides quite flexible color settings, enabling you to have a lot of control over the style of your website. Here is how this theme’s color settings look in the Admin Panel:

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You can see that the modest monochrome palette used in this demo can easily be changed to an infinite number of different combinations — from strict and minimalist to vivid and expressive.

Customizable fonts

Bild has built-in Google fonts integration (their library now has over 800 fonts completely free of charge), enables using the so called “web safe fonts” and has a free custom font bundled with the theme. Here is how the typography settings look:

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The default fonts used in Mauer Bild (and this demo) are Christian Thalmann’s Cormorant Garamond which is a very high quality and screen-adapted interpretation of the legendary Claude Garamond’s design, and Alfredo Marco Pradil’ HK Grotesk — a sound and solid modernist-style font.

There are more things you can tweak in this theme — like choosing a custom front page.

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